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Confessions of a long time

On my way into work this morning, for some unexplained reason, I started thinking about the girl from my 7th grade gym class. I remembered how mean she was and how she seemed to take enormous pleasure bullying me. Yes, I can still see her face after all these years and her frizzy hairstyle that now reminds me of the woman who played in Young Frankenstein. And as I was driving, I imagined meeting her in the supermarket or even on the street. Yes……In my mind, I told her off good and perhaps made her feel a little guilty about the way she treated me. But even in my daydream, she looked at me as though I was crazy and had some severe emotional problems. And when I snapped back into reality, I began to wonder if maybe I really did.
As I sit here at my desk and think about where I am now, I have to wonder if maybe I'd only been stronger or had more confidence, maybe things could have been different. The Buddhist believe that we keep living our life over and over until we get it right an…